a place for nature lovers

The resort has got four Deluxe and six standard rooms. Placid environment with the facility of 10 Tents, Bar and Restaurant. The other activities that makes the resort exciting are cottages, fire camps, sports courts like Badminton.

Jhin - 5, Myagdi, Dhaulagiri
2400-2500 Meters
Pos Machine
10 Deluxe Room
Starting @3000/night

Our Donors

Thank you for your generosity. Your cash donation helped us achieve our fundraising goal for our Resort.Here are some list of donors:

देवि पाइजान ६शिव पार्बति आमा समुहरु १२०००
दलमाया पाइजान ४हरियालि आमा समुहरु १०,०००
मन थजालि न ३भगबति आमा समुहरु १०,०००
पतिराम थजालि न ५झि पुर्खौलि समुहरु १०,०००
चनमया पाइजाकाठ्माडौ झि आमा समुहरु ११,०००
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City Office 
Yellow Bridge,Bulbule Marg,
Kathmandu Nepal
Tel: +977 14494320
Main Location
Jhin - 5 Myagdi, Dhaulagiri

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